Placement Exam


  • 100 questions
  • 1.5 hours, Timed
  •  Multiple Choice and Fill-in-the-blank
  •  Listening – 2 selections (10 questions)
  •  Reading – 2 readings (10 questions)
  •  Vocabulary (20 questions)
  •  Grammar (60 questions)

Please note that students may take the placement exam only ONCE while at UCLA.

You might consider taking the placement exam if:

  • You wish to enroll in a class but are unsure as to which level is appropriate. A placement recommendation will appear at the end of the exam. Only complete the online placement exam.


  • You wish to test out of the College’s foreign language requirement (3 quarters of college-level foreign language) through examination without taking a class. In order to do this, you will need to complete the online placement exam, a written exam and an oral exam.

To determine your current proficiency and receive a recommendation on which course to enroll in at UCLA, you need only take the Online Placement Exam. You may take the exam at any time, preferably on campus to avoid compatibility issues. The Department does not take responsibility if you attempt the exam on a personal computer and experience problems with the listening portion. We cannot reset the exam.



ONLY students who place into level 4 or higher AND are using placement exam results to satisfy the College requirement should sign up for the written and oral proficiency exams.

Students who wish to meet the College foreign language requirement (3 quarters of college-level foreign language) by examination must take the placement exam, a written exam, and an oral exam. Students will first take the online placement exam above. Only those who test into Spanish 4 or higher, or Portuguese 27, are eligible to take the written and oral proficiency exams.

The written exam will consist of one prompt in which the student must respond in at least 120 words, using appropriate vocabulary and grammar that demonstrates competence. The student will be allowed 20 minutes to complete the exam. You do not take these exams if you just want to be placed into the appropriate Spanish level.

The oral exam will consist of a brief oral interview in which the student is expected to demonstrate the ability to ask and answer questions, discuss him or herself and others in the past, present, and future, as well as express opinions. The oral exam is approximately 5 minutes in length.


Students may sign up through Friday, September 18th no exceptions! Please email the undergraduate advisor, Juana Escobar at to reserve your spot. The next exam will take place:

Saturday, September 26th, 2015


The Department will NOT host additional exams for students who choose to delay taking the written exams or fail to sign up before the sign-up list is full. NO exceptions will be made.


My major requires a foreign language level higher than 3, can I place out of the requirement by taking the exams?

These exams are NOT for students trying to satisfy advanced foreign language requirements for majors at UCLA; this is only for those students wishing to satisfy the College foreign language requirement by examination (3 quarters), without taking a class.

Will I receive credit for Spanish classes if I take the online placement exam?

Taking the online placement exam will not grant you any units, boost your GPA or exempt you from any major requirements. It is merely a tool offered to students who want to know what class to enroll in relative to their proficiency and for students who would like to test out of the foreign language graduation requirement (it is the first step in the process, see written and oral exams information above).

 May I review my written exam?

Exams are graded on a pass/no pass basis and will not be returned. The intent of the exam is not instructional (from which to learn) but rather to determine whether proficiency has been demonstrated for the intent of testing out of the foreign language requirement.