Centers & Groups

UCLA Latin American Institute
“The LAI supports research by funding grants and foreign-language instruction, and disseminates recent scholarship through conferences, workshops, public programs, teacher training, and publications.”

Frontera Collection of Mexican American Music
“The Arhoolie Foundation’s Strachwitz Frontera Collection of commercially produced Mexican and Mexican-American recordings (the Frontera Collection) is the largest repository of Mexican and Mexican-American vernacular recordings in existence.”

Early Modern Studies
“Through diverse disciplinary methods, UCLA scholarship on early modernity explores cultural, philosophical, and social changes in local enclaves, circumscribed regions (the Mediterranean, the Pacific and Atlantic basins, South Asia and the Indian Ocean, continental interiors) and expansive geographies.”

Early Modern Globalization: Iberian Empires/Colonies/Nations
“Sponsored by the UC Consortium for the Humanities, “Early Modern Globalization” is a Multi-Campus Research Group composed of historians, art historians and literary scholars from across the UC system.  The purpose of the group is to explore the history of global modernity through the lens of Iberian expansion and its impact on local cultures.”

Undergraduate Research Center—Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences
“Their primary mission is to promote, develop, and celebrate undergraduate student research with the overall goal of enhancing undergraduate education and preparing students for careers in all areas.’

Linguistic Landscape Research Group
“The Linguistic Landscape Research Group at UCLA is a multidisciplinary student organization for grads, undergrads, and faculty that is dedicated to the research of language on signs in the urban, public space. Linguistic Landscape Studies spans across various fields such as Anthropology, Sociology, Linguistics, Education, Global Studies, Language Policy and Planning, Geography, Culture Studies, Urban Planning, and Translation Studies.”