Faculty Office Hours (Winter 2018)

NameOffice Hours OfficeE-Mail
Arroyo Calderon, PatriciaBy Appointment Rolfe 5336 parroyo@ucla.edu
Bergero, AdrianaBy Appointment Rolfe 5324bergero@humnet.ucla.edu
Bolyanatz, Marishka Tuesdays 9-11AM and Thursdays 2-3PMRolfe 4333mbolyanatz@ucla.edu
Calderon, HectorTuesdays and Thursdays 1-3PMRolfe 5303 hcaldero@ucla.edu
Carr, Jhonni Tuesdays 2-3 and By Appointment Rolfe 5330jhonni@ucla.edu
Contreras, Isaura Thursdays 11AM-12PM and By Appointment Rolfe 4333isaurita24@gmail.com
Cohen, GregThursdays 4-5PM and By Appointment Rolfe 5318 gdcohen71@ucla.edu
Cortinez, VeronicaTueasdays 12-2PM and By Appointment Rolfe 5329 cortinez@humnet.ucla.edu
Dagenais, JohnMondays 2-3PMRolfe 5334dagenais@humnet.ucla.edu
De la Torre, Luz MariaTuesdays and Thursdays 2-3:45PM Rolfe 5326 luzm@humnet.ucla.edu
Falce-Robinson, JulietMondays and Wednedays 10:45-11:45AMRolfe 5317 jfalce@humnet.ucla.edu
Fuchs, BarbaraMondays 12-1PM and By Appointment Rolfe 5320 fuchsbar@humnet.ucla.edu
Harris, AudreyMondays and Wednesdays 12-1PMRolfe 5328audrey.harris@gmail.com
Johnson, RandalBy Appointment Rolfe 5322randalj@humnet.ucla.edu
Johnson, RobertaBy Appointment Rolfe 5315rjohnson@ku.edu 
Kim, Ji YoungMondays and Wednesdays 1-2PMRolfe 5332jiyoungkim@ucla.edu
Kristal, EfrainBy Appointment Rolfe 5319kristal@ucla.edu
Marturano, JorgeBy AppointmentRolfe 5321marturano@humnet.ucla.edu
Matuskova, MagdalenaMondays 4-6PM and By Appointment Rolfe 5330
Moreno, JavierTuesdays and Thursdays 10AM-11AMRolfe 4331 j.moreno@ucla.edu
Nafarrate, UnaiBy AppointmentRolfe 4339unafarrate@g.ucla.edu
Passos, Jose LuizMondays 2-3PM and By Appointment Rolfe 53373jl.passos@ucla.edu
Patino Loira, JavierThursdays 2-3PMRolfe 5337jpatinoloira@ucla.edu
Quicoli, A. CarlosBy Appointment Rolfe 5325quicoli@humnet.ucla.edu
Ramirez Prieto, David By Appointment Rolfe 4333ricardito32@ucla.edu
Repiso, Gemma By AppointmentRolfe 4329gemma7290@gmail.com
Robinson, CheriWednesdays 3:30-4:30 and By AppointmentRolfe 5330cherirob7@g.ucla.edu
Rodriguez, JimenaTuesdays By Appointment & Thursdays 12:30-1:30PMRolfe 5318jimenarodriguez@ucla.edu
Ruiz, TeofilioBy Appointment Bunche 6258tfruiz@history.ucla.edu
Suhr, Carla Wednesdays, 2:15-3:45PM and By Appointment Rolfe 4331carla.suhr@ucla.edu
Tobin, Stephen "Kip"Mondays 12-1PM and By Appointment Rolfe 5326 kiptobin@ucla.edu
Torrecilla, Jesus Mondays 2-3PM and
Wednesdays 11AM-12PM
Rolfe 5326 torrecil@humnet.ucla.edu
Van Delden, MaartenMondays 2-4 PM and By Appointment Rolfe 5323mvandelden@humnet.ucla.edu
Venegas, Gabriela Tuesdays and Thursdays 11AM-12PM or By AppointmentRolfe 4329mgvenegas@ucla.edu
Whitesell, DanielMondays and
Wednesdays 11:15-12:15PM and By Appointment
Rolfe 4333dwhitesell@ucla.edu
Zubiaurre, Maite By AppointmentRoyce 326zubiaurre@ucla.edu