Maite Zubiaurre

19th and 20th C Peninsular Literature
Gender Studies
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Professor Maite Zubiaurre holds a degree in Comparative Literature from Columbia University, New York (English, French, German, Spanish). Her areas of expertise are Twentieth-century Peninsular literature; European (particularly German) and Latin American Realism; comparative literature; gender studies; urban studies; cultural studies; Latin American women's fiction; and Latina and Chicana fiction. She is the author ofEl espacio en la novela realista. Paisajes, miniaturas, perspectivas [Space and Setting in the Realist Novel. LandscapesMiniatures, Perspectives] (Fondo de Cultura Econ√≥mica, 2000), a book on the dialectics of space and gender in European and Latin American realist fiction. Her book on Cultures of the Erotic. Spain 1898-1939 is forthcoming in Vanderbilt University Press. Professor Zubiaurre is presently writing a book on the cultural representations of trash and rubble in contemporary culture. She is also editing an anthology of Spanish feminist texts, in collaboration with Professor Roberta Johnson.