Centro de Estudios del Español de Estados Unidos (CEEEUS)

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The Center of the Study of the Spanish of the United States (CEEEUS) was inaugurated in the Department of Spanish and Portuguese in October of 2010 under the direction of Professor Claudia Parodi

CEEEUS is a center dedicated to the study of a variety of aspects of the Spanish(es) of the United States and is the collaborative effort of graduate students and professors from several departments who are interested in this field. The majority of CEEEUS graduate students are working on master's/doctoral theses related to the Center’s main topics of interest. Some of these topics include:


  • The origins of Spanish in the U.S. 
  • Its development in the main areas: the Southwest, Florida, New York and Illinois  


  • Spanish dialects in contact in the U.S. 
  • Spanish in contact with English and other languages in the U.S. and in the Americas 
  • Spanish discourse and pragmatics


  • Spanish and stigma in the U.S.
  • Language and race/ethnicity


  • Language policy
  • Socialization and education


Ian presenting some of his dissertation research in class.