Cheri Marie Robinson

A photo of Cheri Marie Robinson


  • Ph.D., Hispanic Languages and Literatures, University of California, Los Angeles
  • M.A., Spanish, University of California, Los Angeles (2012)
  • Honors B.A., French, Summa cum laude, Oregon State University (2004)
  • Honors B.A., International Studies, Summa cum laude, Oregon State University (2004)
  • Minors: Business Administration (2004) and Spanish (2004)


My research investigates transnational trajectories of violence that affect children, a legally vulnerable and often underrepresented age group, in extra-juridical politicized historical periods and places. A main inquiry of my research involves the use of child or adolescent protagonists to represent violence and oppression, in addition to cultures of impunity and complicity in intersecting historical and fictional contexts. I am also interested in approaching injustices and human rights violations through the exploration of witnessing and subjectivity, the re-establishment or fortification of empathy, and the application of natural law.