Online Exemption Exam

Take the exemption exam if you wish to test out of the College’s foreign language requirement (3 quarters of college-level foreign language) through examination without taking a class.

Before further assistance from the department, please read the important details:

  • DO NOT WAIT until your final quarter to attempt the exam.  If you do not pass the exam, you will have to enroll in a class to fulfill your foreign language requirement.
  • Students may take the exemption exam only ONCE while at UCLA.
  • The Exemption Exam is ONLY AVAILABLE DURING THE FALL, WINTER, AND SPRING QUARTERS. The Exemption Exam is NOT available during the summer months.
  • The department does not recommend that students wait until their final quarter to attempt the Exemption Exam. Special priority for grading will NOT be granted.


Part 1 – Listening, Speaking and Vocabulary

  • 45 questions
  • Multiple choice
  • Timed
  • 30 minutes

Note:  You must pass Part 1 with a score of 73% or better in order to take Part 2.  If you achieve 73% or better, a link will appear at the end of Part 1 that will allow you to continue to Part 2.  If you do not pass Part 1 with a score of 73% or better, your exam will end and you will NOT be exempt from the College Language Requirement and should enroll in the appropriate class to meet your requirement. You must submit your answers before the exam time expires.

Part 2 – Writing and Speaking

  • The written section consists of one prompt to which the student must respond in at least 120 words, using appropriate vocabulary and grammar that demonstrates competence.
  • The student is allowed 25 minutes to complete the writing section.
  • The oral exam will consist of a brief oral interview in which the student is expected to demonstrate the ability to answer questions, discuss him or herself and others in the past, present, and future, as well as express opinions.
  • The oral exam is 5 minutes in length.
  • You must submit your answers before the exam time expires.

The exams are equivalent in level and scope to the Spanish 3 final exams. In order to pass the Exemption Exam, you must have the ability expected from a student who successfully completes Spanish 3. The Writing Exam is scored according to the following rubric.

The Written and Oral Exams will be scored by the department during Weeks 4 and 8 of each quarter and you will receive your results shortly thereafter, through email. Please note that students will not be provided feedback on their results and will only be informed of whether they passed or not. 



In order to take the exam, you must use Respondus LockDown Browser and Monitoring, which is provided by UCLA and a link to download Respondus will appear when you click on the exam link. Please note: This exam functions best using Google Chrome.

You may take the exam from any computer, however, you are only allowed one attempt.  If you have any doubts about your computer and/or Internet connection you should plan on taking the exam during drop-in hours in the Learning Lab @ Rolfe Hall 2118.  For drop in availability, click here.

The department is NOT responsible for failures due to your personal equipment and/or Internet and the exam will not be reset.

Click here to take the Spanish Exemption Exam


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