Cine a la chilena:

Las peripecias de Sergio Castilla

RIL Editores, 2001 Author(s): Verónica Cortínez Cine a la chilena: book cover

Este libro da a conocer la trayectoria cinematografica de Sergio Castilla.

This book retraces the filmmaker’s development in the context of politics and history even as it underscores the challenges of making movies in a country that lacks a film industry. That Castilla has managed to direct films with such actors as Héctor Alterio, Geraldine Chaplin and John Leguizamo (whose career he helped to launch), and that his movies have been acclaimed by film critic Roger Ebert and the Sundance Film Festival jury, are no small accomplishments, and one can only wonder what filmmakers like him could achieve if their nation fostered their creations.

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Cine a la chilena: book cover