Graduate Groups

SPGSA – Spanish & Portuguese Graduate Student Association

The Spanish & Portuguese Graduate Student Association (SPGSA) acts as a bridge between graduate students, our faculty colleagues, and the wider UCLA community. Members of this annually elected student organization represent Spanish & Portuguese graduate students at faculty meetings, Humanities Council meetings, and with the departmental Graduate Affairs Committee and Lower Division Council. SPGSA organizes quarterly meetings to discuss issues relevant to graduate students, to share career planning and academic professionalization information with peers, and to create a social forum to involve new and continuing graduate students in our scholarly community.

Annual Graduate Student Conference (SPGSA)

The UCLA Spanish and Portuguese Graduate Student Conference provides a forum for scholars from various fields to present their research on different aspects of the Luso-Hispanic world. The main goal of the conference is to create a multidisciplinary and constructive environment in which graduate students from our Department and across the country can share their projects and receive feedback in a formal scholastic setting.

Hebrew Aljamiado Research Group

Besides transcribing texts written in Hebrew Aljamiado into Romance languages, this research group studies the most important aspects of each work. We have developed our transcription system, and we are preparing a joint publication on the findings of our research.

1st Gen Latinx

We advocate for the building of a community and network among first generation Latinx undergraduate and graduate students through bilingual informational programming and social events that creates a system of support for their academic and professional careers.

Diversifying the Classics

The UCLA working group Diversifying the Classics  brings together academics, playwrights, translators, directors, and actors to translate and promote Hispanic classical theater, under the direction of Professor Barbara Fuchs. Since January 2014, the group has translated one play a year, with additional plays translated by individual members of the workshop. All translations are available for download here and in print from Juan de la Cuesta. We welcome the use of our translations in performance and have published a bilingual anthology of monologues for actors: 90 Monologues from Classical Spanish Theater.