Diversifying the Classics

The UCLA working group Diversifying the Classics  brings together academics, playwrights, translators, directors, and actors to translate and promote Hispanic classical theater, under the direction of Professor Barbara Fuchs. Since January 2014, the group has translated one play a year, with additional plays translated by individual members of the workshop. All translations are available for download here and in print from Juan de la Cuesta. We welcome the use of our translations in performance and have published a bilingual anthology of monologues for actors: 90 Monologues from Classical Spanish Theater. 

Our translations are designed to make the plays attractive to perform in English. Each play’s introduction offers plot summaries, key themes, performance histories, and additional information on editions consulted and other particulars. Our hope is that these efforts assist theater practitioners to read, adapt, stage, and direct these plays for modern audiences.

In addition to translating, the group collaborates with the UCLA Theater Department and companies in Los Angeles and beyond on dramaturgy, and with theater educators on developing curriculum for the translated plays. With various local and international partners, we produce the biennial LA ESCENA festival of Hispanic classical theater in Los Angeles.

Graduate student participants develop significant experience in public humanities, including liaising with a variety of cultural institutions; writing grant applications, blog posts, and a range of materials related to the plays; planning festivals and other events; and presenting our work to a wide variety of audiences.

Students involved in the project are eligible for summer support through various grants, with availability varying from year to year.

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