Fellowships and Grants

Writing and applying for fellowships and grants are tasks integral to the academic and professional formation of our graduate students. This page provides a list of funding sources available for our students to help them fund and develop their research agendas. While our department has a series of very generous fellowships and research grants, our graduate students are encouraged to take advantage of the wide range of on-and-off campus fellowships and grants available.

  • Departmental Fellowships
    The Department of Spanish and Portuguese is committed to providing multi-year packages of support to all admitted students. Almost all packages involve a combination of fellowship and TAship funds over the course of 4-5 years. These commitments are contingent on the student remaining in good academic standing and making good progress toward the degree. Support packages include the cost of non-resident tuition, fees, and a fellowship/salary stipend.
  • Humanities Division Fellowships
    These fellowships provide funds for travel and living expenses for UCLA graduate students in the Humanities to conduct research in foreign countries.
  • Graduate Division Fellowships
    The UCLA Graduate Division offers a number of fellowships and mentorship opportunities that graduate students can apply for to fund their education and research.
  • Other UCLA Departments
    Graduate students who want to broaden their cultural and educational horizons can explore a bounty of resources ranging from funding to study abroad through the UCLA International Institute. Almost thirty different fellowships toward the study of global or area studies are currently available from the Institute’s affiliated international and area studies centers.
  • Other UCLA fellowships & grants
    Various other institutions at UCLA also offer awards to graduate students.
  • University of California fellowships & grants
  • As a part of the UC system, UCLA graduate students may be eligible for UC wide fellowships and grants.