Teaching Assistantships

Teaching Assistantships are apprenticeships intended to provide qualified students with relevant training experience for academic and academic-related careers in teaching and research. As a matter of University policy, teaching assistants are considered primarily as students being professionally trained. Graduate students who are recipients of teaching and research assistantships must meet all registration and enrollment criteria established by the Graduate Council and the department. They must also maintain satisfactory progress throughout their appointments.

    • Department Teaching Assistantships
      The Department employs between 40 and 50 teaching assistants or ASE’s (Academic Student Employees) every quarter. Most ASE’s are assigned to the Lower Division Program where we offer 40-50 sections of first and second year language classes. The LD Program has the most rigorous training for ASE’s as it seeks to offer excellent quality language instruction to our undergraduates and to provide the best pedagogical training to our graduate students.
    • Criteria for Appointment and Reappointment
      UCLA requires certain criteria for all Teaching Assistantships to ensure the highest possible level of education for both teachers and students.
    • Criteria for Summer Appointments
      Academic Student Employees who teach during the summer receive minimal faculty supervision.  Special consideration is given, therefore, to Teaching Fellows since; in general, doctoral students who have advanced to candidacy have the most experience.
    • Criteria for Appointments for Overseas Programs
      The Academic Student Employees selected to participate in the department’s overseas programs during the summer are absolutely crucial to the success of these programs. The Undergraduate Affairs Committee reviews and discusses the applicants’ records and makes a recommendation to the department chair, who makes the final decision.
    • Teaching Assistantships for Graduate Students in Other Departments
      Our lower division language program employs from 40 to 50 graduate student employees per quarter. It is an apprenticeship program that trains graduate students to become skilled language instructors; for that reason, our own graduate students will receive special consideration.
    • Teaching Assistant Duties and Responsibilities
      Teaching assistants are expected to uphold their responsibilities and duties to help them succeed in both their concurrent roles as teacher and student.