Comprehensive Exams (Prior to Fall 2021)

Comprehensive exams (a.k.a Capstone Plan) are a fundamental step towards the intellectual formation and academic training of the graduate students. As part of their academic training, students should demonstrate a wide reading knowledge of a corpus of capital works in the literary history and the academic field.

Portuguese Literature Concentration

The following list cover the different areas in which students in the Portuguese Literature concentration will be examined by the Spring of their second year in the program:

Linguistics Concentration

Students whose concentration is Linguistics (whether Portuguese or Spanish) will be examined by the Spring of their second year in the program on a reading list prepared by the student and the linguistic faculty members. The reading list is based on the 4 different exam areas the student selects.

Spanish Literature Concentration

The following is a summary of the Spanish Literature Comprehensive Exams (a.k.a Capstone Plan):

Students in Literature by the Spring of their second year in the program will submit two revised papers written for seminars taken during the first five quarters and an oral examination. Students nominate an ad hoc review committee of three faculty members from the department: the Director of Graduate Studies, the faculty member who will serve as the student’s advisor, and a third faculty member. In consultation with the ad hoc review committee, students are required to submit two of their strongest seminar papers, 20-25 pages each (with revisions-one in Spanish, one in English) in different areas of study of the Ph.D. Program. For further information and detailed timeline, please visit the Graduate Division website

Prior to 2018-19: Students in Literature took a four-hour exam in Peninsular Spanish literature and a four-hour exam in Latin American literature. Exams were based on the two reading lists students received upon entering the program.