Course Requirements for the M.A. in Portuguese Literature and Linguistics

Eleven courses are required (of which eight must be graduate level). Students in Literature take one course in literary theory and criticism (M201A), one course in Portuguese linguistics, and eight elective courses. Students in Linguistics take nine elective courses and one course in literature.

Foreign Language Requirement: Students must show proficiency in one language other than Portuguese or English by passing a departmental reading exam or passing a course of at least level 3.

Comprehensive Examination: Students choose four exam areas within the Literature concentration or the Linguistics concentration and take two-hour exams in each. The exams are based on reading lists for each exam area that the student has chosen. For further information, please see the Preliminary Exams section of this website.

Evaluation of the Student: Once the student successfully completes all requirements for the degree, the department faculty meet to evaluate the overall performance of the student in coursework, exams, and a writing sample. If the student has passed the exams the faculty must decide, based on the above, whether the student should continue in the doctoral program or should receive the MA degree and not continue.

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