Graduate Student Conference Travel Reimbursement Guidelines

Eligibility: The department provides travel awards of up to $1,200 per fiscal year (July 1- June 30) for graduate students to present papers, preferably related to the dissertation topic, at one or two academic conferences per year, subject to the availability of funds. Awards will be granted only to students in good academic standing. Students who attend the MLA Convention to interview for a job are also eligible for a travel award.

Note: Apply as soon as you have all the supporting documents, at least 45 days before the conference dates. You should not make any travel arrangements dependent on this funding until your application for funds is approved by the Director of Graduate Studies. In case the conference is in the summer, apply as soon as you have all supporting documents in the spring.

Criteria for Travel Support: Support will be granted for presenting original research, preferably related to the dissertation topic, at conferences or meetings of recognized scholarly societies.

Submit completed Grad Conference Travel Form to the graduate advisor, Gloria Tovar, 5304 Rolfe Hall or via email


Submit the Application for Graduate Student Conference Travel Funds to the Director of Graduate Studies for approval. Applications must include: 

    1. An invitation to participate in the conference or acceptance of the paper for presentation and, when available, a preliminary conference program listing participation. If you are requesting funds to attend the MLA for a job interview, a letter or email of invitation from the interviewing department is required, and you may skip requirements 2. and 3.
    2. A copy of the abstract of the paper you will present.
    3. A brief statement explaining how participation in the conference will benefit your research and professionalization.
    4. Your advisor’s signature, approving conference travel.
    5. If you are teaching: the signature of your teaching supervisor (i.e. Dr. Juliet Falce-Robinson’s signature for language classes or the faculty supervising you as TA in lecture classes) confirming that you have made arrangements to cover your class or exam.

Funds may not be used for the following purposes:

  • Expenses of food and beverages not incurred during actual dates of event/ conference
  • Expenses not directly related to conference travel (i.e. multi-city trips)

(The department reserves the right to disallow any expenses that are excessive or inappropriate to the professional goals of the trip.)


  • Please turn in the following documents to the front office coordinator within 15 days of the return date listed on your plane ticket:
    1. reimbursement form with original receipts for airfare, hotel and registration.
    2. a copy of the conference program, showing the title of your talk/poster, if applicable.
    3. a copy of the bank statement, credit card statement, and/or transaction detail of the purchases mentioned in the original receipts. (All irrelevant information can be blacked out for privacy).
    4. a 1-2 page report on the academic conference and how the conference impacted your academic goals (be specific), if applicable.
  • Remember to submit the documentation mentioned above within 15 days of your return. Late submissions cannot be reimbursed.
  • Reimbursement will be processed within 7-14 business days of receiving all completed paperwork. The turnaround for your reimbursement is at least 7-14 days from submitting the request to UCLA Travel Accounting.


The department will not approve retroactive travel funding requests. Reimbursements will only be made for travel during the current fiscal year.

⮚The department will not approve applications or process reimbursements if the student submits the Application for Graduate Student Conference Travel Funds after the dates of travel.

⮚The department cannot fund any pre-trip expenses. All approved expenses will be reimbursed after the trip has been completed.

⮚Conference travel funding is not guaranteed, but contingent on funds available.