Criteria for Appointment: Summer Travel Study Abroad Teaching Assistantships

Revised Spring 2021

*The term TA (Teaching Assistant) is used as the general term for apprentice personnel, although there are actually three categories of teaching assistants (assistant, associate, fellow).


All appointments must meet the eligibility criteria of Graduate Division



The Department encourages TAs to apply to our Summer Travel Abroad Programs. The experience of teaching abroad represents a unique professional training which combines on-the-ground mentoring, experiential knowledge, and first-hand insight into how to organize a Study Abroad program. The Undergraduate Affairs Committee reviews and discusses the applicants’ records and, in consultation with the Director of the Program, recommends the selected candidates to the Department Chair, who makes the final decision.

TAs applying to any of our Summer Study Abroad Program are asked to read the detailed descriptions of the programs attached to the application forms, in order to understand the distinctive and multifaceted type of work involved, which encompasses teaching responsibilities, close collaboration with the Director, and participation in and cooperation with all scheduled curriculum and extra-curricular activities. Because of the settings of these programs, the positions require candidates with the necessary maturity, reliability, and flexibility to deal with a number of situations, including emergencies. Candidates must be willing to take into account requirements for the safety and security of our undergraduate students beyond what is required when teaching on campus.

In addition to the conditions above, the following criteria will be considered: i) Teaching Record: The committee seeks instructors with a strong teaching record as evidenced by consistently positive student evaluations; ii) Breadth of Experience: TAs who have taught all the levels of first and second year language are preferred. TAs who have already taught twice for the Summer Study Abroad Program are not eligible, unless the program cannot otherwise be staffed; iii) The relevance of the applicant’s field of study to the location.

Important: Summer Abroad teaching is not an entitlement. The Department is committed to providing undergraduate students with the best study-abroad experience possible while supporting as many graduate students as possible during the summer.

2024 Application for Summer & Travel Study Program Teaching Assistantship