Annual Graduate Student Conference

The UCLA Spanish and Portuguese Graduate Student Conference provides a forum for scholars from various fields to present their research on different aspects of the Luso-Hispanic world. The main goal of the conference is to create a multidisciplinary and constructive environment in which graduate students from our Department and across the country can share their projects and receive feedback in a formal scholastic setting.

The Conference provides an opportunity for our graduate students to acquire professional experience related to the organization of an academic event. It also facilitates dialogues with the senior academics who are invited as keynote speakers of the venue. In this sense, the Conference allows networking opportunities for our graduate students with Professors, artists, and peers from all over the country and abroad, eventually leading to future academic collaborations.

Additionally, the Conference helps to promote and strengthen solidarity among the members of the Spanish and Portuguese Department, while creating opportunities to contribute to current research on the Luso-Hispanic world.




(April 25, 2019)

Organizing Committee 2018-19
Kristal Robin Bivona,




2016 13th S&P Annual Gradute Student Conference: “Armas de Justicia Social: el lenguaje, la literature y la cultura como instrumentos de Cambio.”

Keynote Speakers: Nicola Gaviola, PhD (Florida International University), Covadonga Lamar Prieto, PhD (UC Riverside)

2015    12th S&P Annual Graduate Student Conference: “Alteridad: manifestaciones y tensiones”. April 16-17. YRL.

Keynote Speakers: Dr. Ignacio López-Calvo (UC Merced), Dr. Ignacio Navarrete (UC Berkeley), Dr. Luciano Tosta (University of Kansas).

2014    11th S&P Annual Graduate Student Conference: Trauma: voces y silencio. April 17-18. YRL and Royce Hall 306.

Keynote speakers: Michael Lazzara (UC Davis), Christina McMahon (UC Santa Barbara), and María Teresa Narváez Córdoba (Universidad de Puerto Rico, Río Piedras).

2013   10th S&P Annual Graduate Student Conference: Insisting on Modernity: Visions and Revisions in the Luso-Hispanic World. April, 18-19. Royce Hall 306.

Keynote speakers: J. Andrew Brown (Washington University St. Louis), Rubén Gallo (Princeton University), and Dale Koike (University of Texas at Austin).

2012    9th S&P Annual Graduate Student Conference: Power, Resistencia y transformaçao. May 17-18. YRL.

Keynote speakers: Fernando Arenas (University of Michigan), Armin Schwegler (UC Irvine). Artist: Leandro Katz.

2011    8th S&P Annual Graduate Student Conference: Luso Hispanic inmigration in the US. Linguistic, literary and cultural perspectives. April 21-22. Royce Hall 306.

Keynote speakers: Maria Herrera Sobek (UCSanta Barbara), Otto Santa Ana (UCLA). Artist: Graciela Limón (Loyola Marymount University)

2010    7th S&P Annual Graduate Student Conference: Transnationality in the luso-hispanic world. April 29-30. Rolfe Hall 1301 and YRL.

Keynote speakers: Arturo Arias (University of Texas at Austin) and Viola Miglio (UC Santa Barbara). Artist: Roger Lindo.


2009    6th S&P Annual Graduate Student Conference: Dislocated Writing: Luso-Hispanic Literature beyond borders. April 23-4. Royce Hall 306.

Keynote speakers: Emilio Bejel (UC Davis) and Jesús Torrecilla (UCLA). Artists: Fernando de Szyszlo, Raúl Zurita

2008    5th S&P Annual Graduate Student Conference: The Itinerant Word: Travel, Crossroads, Escape.May 2.

Keynote speaker: Steve Hutchinson (University of Wisconsin-Madison)

2007    4th S&P Annual Graduate Student Conference: Literature and Arts: Interdisciplinary convergences within Luso-Hispanic cultures. May 10-11. Royce Hall 306.

Keynote speakers: Enrico Mario Santi (University of Kentucky), and Maite Zubiaurre (UCLA).

2006    3rd S&P Annual Graduate Student Conference: Globalization as culture? April 28. Royce Hall 306.

Keynote speaker: Francine Masiello (UC Berkeley).

2005    2nd S&P Annual Graduate Student Conference: Visions and revisions: Breakthrough Moments in Hispanic and Lusophone Thought. April 15.

Keynote speaker: Catharine Wall (UC Riverside).

2004    1st S&P Annual Graduate Student Conference: Transformations: Reimagining identity. April, 16. Royce Hall 306.

Keynote speaker: Norma Alarcón (UC Berkeley).