Latin American Film and TV working Group

Los Angeles, home to UCLA, to Hollywood, and to other independent studios, offers numerous resources to those who study film and television. It is one of the main destinations for film festivals, whether within the context of the industry or for other types of cinematic expressions, such as film d’auteur. For that reason, we have the perfect environment to study film and television.

Currently, the working group is composed of Graduate Students from the departments of Spanish and Portuguese, Film and Television, Information Studies, and Latin American Studies. Individual research interests now range from film and television from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico and Uruguay.

Whenever possible, the group tries to meet directors, actors, and critics who come to UCLA to present their works or their research. We also invite researchers and directors who are doing outstanding work in the field, as well as promote collaboration with Professors and Graduate Students from other departments and programs at UCLA, and always having an interdisciplinary approach in mind.

Organizing Committee 2014-2015
Inês Dias
Michelle Medrado
Natássia Guedes

Faculty advisor
Randal Johnson

Website:  TBA

Michelle Medrado
Ines Dias


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