is a literary, artistic, and cultural magazine produced by the students of the Department of Spanish and Portuguese at UCLA.
Our most recent publications are The Animal Issue (2016) The Horny Issue (2015) and The Los Angeles Issue(2014).Our forthcoming edition is titled On Screen Issue. If you are interested in publishing your work in the forthcoming edition of Párrafo or on our blog:  Párrafo 451, please send collaborations to parrafomagazine@gmail.com

We will accept a maximum of three original images per person (photographs, reproductions of art, engravings, etc. For the print edition of Párrafo we require non-compressed images of at least 2,000 pixels with a minimum resolution of 300. We also will publish stories, poems, literary reports, and non-academic essays, all with a maximum length of two double spaced pages in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.STAFF 2016-2017

Editor-in-Chief/Creative Director: Michelle Medrado

Managing Editor: Benjamin Burt

Editorial Board: Cheri Marie Robinson, Ernesto Arciniega, Natássia Hott, Paula Thomas

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