Ben Burt

A photo of Ben Burt


M.A. Portuguese, University of California, Los Angeles, (2016)
B.A. Spanish and Portuguese, Georgetown University (2013)


My research centers on Brazilian literature, cinema, and culture. My dissertation project focuses on utopia and dystopia in contemporary literary and cinematic representations of urban Brazil. In addition to utopia, dystopia, and urban culture, I am interested in spatiality and national identity in Brazil since the early twentieth century.


“Redemocratizing Dystopia: The Literature of the Political Abertura.” American Portuguese Studies Association (APSA), 11th International Conference. October 19, 2018.

“A Fly in the Soup: Brazilian Identity in Mário de Andrade’s Entomological Images.” Brazilian Studies Association (BRASA), XIV Congress. July 25, 2018.

“No Way Home: Ethnicity, Nationality, and Identity in Karen Tei Yamashita’s Circle K Cycles.” Latin American Studies Association (LASA), LASA 2018/Latin American Studies in a Globalized World, May 25, 2018.


“O cair nas folhas: ordem e entropia em Lavoura arcaica (2001).” Book chapter, untitled anthology on director Luiz Fernando Carvalho, expected publication 2020.