Esther Claudio

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E-mail: Office: Rolfe Hall 4316

Office Hours: Thursday 10 - 11 am


  • M.A. Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language, Universidad de Alcalá (2012)
  • B.A. English, Universidad de Alcalá (2006)


I’m interested in the relation between word and image, fiction and non-fiction, and narratives like the comic that problematize its place in the cultural panorama. The dual nature of the graphic novel multiplies the broad range of possibilities and narrative resources at one’s disposal, in addition to those that arise from the source of language itself. In the same way it benefits from not only centuries of literary and visual tradition, but also a collection of unique mechanisms that have developed and are distinct to the tradition itself. Heterography, abstract comics, oubapos, the metafiction of El resentido or Maco’s surrealism are exercises of experimentation that question the formal limits of the medium and resist classification.

In particular, I propose to analyze the rupture of the narrative voice, and the confusion between author, narrator and character in experimental graphic novels whose reading is interactive and non-linear. My work would explore experimentalism, understood as the infinite variety of expressive resources, of techniques and processes, of themes, of readers, and of the predisposition to defy the imposed limits of tradition, format, markets, etc. My interest in this field also extends to themes related to the formation of canons, literary theory and the philosophy of aesthetics.

Lately, I’ve been editing On the Edge of the Panel: Essays on Comics Criticism that will be published this year by Cambridge Scholar Publishing. Likewise, I have been exploring the creation of Spanish cultural identity in the works by Paco Roca and Miguelanxo Prado.


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Book Chapters

  • “La dignidad del perdedor: las novelas gráficas de Paco Roca” Universidad de León. In press.