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I am a second year PhD student and I am currently conducting research on the development of Spanish heritage phonology in adults (rhotics and fricatives) and children (intonation and resyllabification).


Tudela-Isanta, A., Vidal-Arráez, J., Repiso-Puigdelliura, G., Manuel-Oronich, R. (in press). Característiques de l’alumnat de català L2 fora del domini lingüístic. Treballs de Sociolingüística

Kim, J. Y., & Repiso- Puigdelliura, G. (2019). Deconstructing Heritage Language Dominance: Effects of Proficiency, Use, and Input on Heritage Speakers’ Production of the Spanish Alveolar Tap. Phonetica, 1-26.

Repiso i Puigdelliura, G., & Fernández-Villanueva, M. (2016). Analysing German teachers’ identities through multimodal and multilingual use. (M. Fernandez-Villanueva & K. Jungbluth, Eds.), Beyond Language Boundaries: Multimodal Use in Multilingual Contexts. Berlin: de Gruyter Mouton.

Selected Poster and Presentations

Kim Ji Young, Repiso-Puigdelliura Gemma. (October, 2018). Understanding the Shapes and Meanings of uptalk in heritage speakers of Spanish, Hispanic Linguistics Symposium, Austin, TX.

Kim Ji Young, Repiso-Puigdelliura  Gemma. (February, 2018). The Forms and Functions of of Uptalk in Spanish Prosody by Spanish Heritage Speakers in Los Angeles, Heritage Language Conference, Los Angeles, CA.

Kim Ji Young, Repiso-Puigdelliuram Gemma. (February, 2018). Phonetic and Phonological Analysis of Uptalk in Heritage Spanish, Current Approaches to Spanish and Portuguese Second Language Phonology (CASPSLaP), Bloomington, IN.

Kim Ji Young, Repiso-Puigdelliura Gemma . (October, 2017). Use of continuous measures in examining heritagespeakers’ production of Spanish alveolar tap /ɾ/, Hispanic Linguistics Symposium, Lubbock, USA.

Kim Ji Young, Repiso-Puigdelliura Gemma.  (November, 2017). Can you roll your rhotics?, New Ways of Analyzing Variation, Madison, IL.