Gemma Repiso-Puigdelliura

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E-mail: Office: Rolfe Hall 4328

I am a UCLA PhD candidate working on the development of Spanish heritage phonology in adults (rhotics and fricatives) and children (intonation and resyllabification).


  • Repiso-Puigdelliura, G., Benvenuti, I. & Kim, Ji Young (manuscript under review). Is majority language influence conditioned by orthography? The case of Spanish heritage speakers’ realization of the Spanish voiced palatal obstruent /ʝ/. Heritage Language Journal.
  • Repiso-Puigdelliura, G. (manuscript under review). Empty Onset Repairs in Child and Adult Heritage Speakers’ Semi- Spontaneous Speech in Spanish. International Journal of Bilingualism.
  • Repiso-Puigdelliura, G., & Kim,J.Y (in press). The Missing Link in Spanish Heritage Trill Production. Bilingualism Language and Cognition.
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  • Kim, J. Y., & Repiso-Puigdelliura, G. (2020). Deconstructing Heritage Language Dominance: Effects of Proficiency, Use, and Input on Heritage Speakers’ Production of the Spanish Alveolar Tap. Phonetica, 77(1), 55-80.
  • Repiso i Puigdelliura, G., & Fernández-Villanueva, M. (2016). Analysing German teachers’ identities through multimodal and multilingual use. In M. Fernandez-Villanueva & K. Jungbluth (Eds.), Beyond Language Boundaries: Multimodal Use in Multilingual Contexts. Berlin: de Gruyter Mouton.


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