Francisco Delicado’s 1528 Treatise on Early “Cure” for Syphilis

Researcher: Barbara Fuchs

Fuchs spent her summer in The Bibliothèque Mazarine in Paris, consulting the only extant copy of Francisco Delicado’s 1528 treatise on guaiacum wood, an early “cure” for syphilis, El modo de adoperare el legno de India occidentale. Delicado is better known to literary scholars as the author of the Retrato de la Lozana andaluza, a picaresque account of a Spanish courtesan in Rome on the eve of the Spanish invasion in 1527. She is interested in the play of narrative authority and fictionality in the literary text, and was fascinated to find that Delicado had also authored a treatise in such a different genre, in which authority works very differently.

Fuchs has also completed a translation of Lope de Vega’s newly rediscovered play, Mujeres y criados, which I will be leading a workshop with the Comedia in Translation and Performance working group this fall.IMG_2818