Scholarly Interview for Research and Teaching, Essay on John Rechy, and Book on Mexican cultural diaspora

Researcher: Héctor Calderón

Héctor Calderón believes that the scholarly interview is a demonstration of research as well as an important teaching tool. The printed page is now limited contrary to the unlimited resources of Facebook and Youtube. With this in mind, he conducted interviews while teaching Spanish 155: Chicana and Chicano Narrative, spring 2013, with six influential female and male writers in the tradition. These interviews are available to a worldwide audience through the UCLA Chicano Studies Center’s YouTube site.

Currently, he is working on an essay on Mexican American John Rechy’s autoethnographic “El “Paso del Norte” (1958) and his groundbreaking gay novel City of Night (1963) in relation to the African American Civil Rights Movement of the late 1950s and early 1960s. In addition, Calderón is halfway through on a book on the Mexican cultural diaspora of North America through literature, film, and rock en Español from Chiapas to Chicago and New York.