Ocean View: Naos to California’s Coast

Researcher: Jimena Rodriguez

During her appointment as a Visiting Assistant Professor Jimena began writing a new book entitled Escribir desde el océano: retóricas del andar en el Nuevo Mundo. This book is the continuation of a line of investigation that examines the representation of the American space in the discourse of the European travelers (the Spaniards) seeking to characterize a specific “retórica del andar” in the New Word. The book, rooted in Oceanic Studies and Mobility Studies, builds upon the concept of the nao (the ship) as a point of inquiry in Early Modern Colonialism. Acknowledging the nao as a place of enunciation or as space of cultural production allows us –she argues– to derive uses and problems of representations in the Early Modern period. The sea is not a metaphor; it is a literal place of circulation and production of knowledge. The ship it is also a tangible space of production that invented imaginary geographies –California for example– and its inhabitants as locus of imperial desire.