The faculty and graduate students of the Department of Spanish and Portuguese conduct research on a broad range of academic topics in a variety of fields. The following represents a sample of research projects that are currently underway.

Las Insometidas de la Ciudad de México: The Novel of Prostitution in Antonia Mora, Sara Sefchovich, and Cristina Rivera Garza

Dr. Carolyn González recently completed her dissertation Las Insometidas de la Ciudad de México: The Novel of Prostitution in Antonia Mora, Sara Sefchovich, and Cristina Rivera Garza. Her current book project, based on her dissertation, is centered on what she calls the Mexicana novel of prostitution, texts written by women that feature female protagonists who have...

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Ethnolinguistic Expression of Mexican and Latino/a Identity Born in the United States

Researcher: Armando Guerrero Jr.

Armando Guerrero is currently in Mexico City collecting data for his dissertation, which focuses on the ethnolinguistic expression of Mexican and Latino/a identity by those born in the United States and are of Mexican heritage. His participants are students from all of California who are enrolled in the UCEAP and FRP programs in...

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Scholarly Interview for Research and Teaching, Essay on John Rechy, and Book on Mexican cultural diaspora

Héctor Calderón believes that the scholarly interview is a demonstration of research as well as an important teaching tool. The printed page is now limited contrary to the unlimited resources of Facebook and Youtube. With this in mind, he conducted interviews while teaching Spanish 155: Chicana and Chicano Narrative, spring...

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Trash and Rubble in Contemporary Culture, Spanish Erotica, and Collaborative Work

Researcher: Maite Zubiaurre

Maite Zubaiurre is presently writing a book on the visual and textual representations of trash and rubble in contemporary culture. Maite Zubiaurre has taught a graduate seminar funded by the UHI (Urban Humanities Initiative) on rubbish, and an undergraduate seminar for the Honors collegium on the same subject (to be...

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