Spain – Barcelona

Barcelona is one of the most dynamic and exciting cities in Europe today, home of the 1992 Olympics, its own beaches, amazing architecture, cutting-edge cuisine, and a unique nightlife. It is home to modernist architectural masterpieces, like the Sagrada Familia of Gaudí and served as an inspiration to artists like Picasso and Dalí. But it is also a city with a history going back several thousand years. We will learn to read the story of this great city in its streets, neighborhoods, and byways. 

Weaving lectures, walking tours, and short day trips into one, this program in Barcelona presents a twofold approach to the cultures of this capital of the region of Catalonia from pre-Roman village, through the Middle Ages (when it ruled a Mediterranean empire stretching as far as Greece) and onto the modern period when it became a center of Modernist art and fashion. We will also study in depth the Barcelona of today, its cultural dynamism, its place in today’s Spain, and in the heart of Catalan culture.

The courses are taught in English and all students with interests in the topics of the courses are welcome in the program, regardless of their major or minor (or home campus). We seek a diverse group, with a broad range of backgrounds, for the course. 

Note: The program is best suited for sophomores and juniors, but seniors who need summer credits in order to complete their graduation requirements are also most welcome. This program also involves a great deal of daily walking. You will be expected to walk 2 hours per day on average, as we tour parts of the city seldom seen by visitors. This will be a unique opportunity to become acquainted with and to gain an intimate knowledge of Barcelona which even long-time residents of the city do not have.


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