Study Abroad Guidelines

The department’s guidelines for approving study abroad courses towards major/minor requirements are as followed:

  1. Language of instruction and assignments must be in Spanish
  2. Topic must be clearly relevant and/or comparable to the themes offered by courses in the department
  3. Cannot repeat any course previously taken
  4. Class must be taken for a letter grade, no P/NP allowed
  5. If counting towards an upper division course, course must transfer as upper division

***Note: Only the Office of Admission and Registrar’s Office at UCLA have the authority to determine whether an UCEAP or non-UC study abroad program course will: 1) receive credit and 2) transfer as upper or lower division. Once courses are processed, they will post the credit earned on a student’s Degree Audit Report. It is important to understand that they will only review official transcripts of coursework upon a student’s completion of the program. There is no “pre-approval” process that guarantees that a student will receive specific credit for a course (especially true for non-UC study abroad program courses).

For students interested in studying abroad through UC Education Abroad Program, the UCEAP Course Catalog can be helpful to review as it outlines credit for courses that students have received in the past by the university: units, language of instruction, brief description of course, and whether a course was given lower or upper division credit.

Please note that this catalog outlines credit granted by the university and does not guarantee that a course will be approved for a major or minor requirement. Courses must be approved by the department through a course substitution petition.