Adding a Full Class

Enrolling in a Spanish or Portuguese Language Class

 Our language classes fill very quickly.  If you plan on using Spanish or Portuguese to fulfill your language requirement, please follow the suggestions below:

Choose the right course for you.  This will ensure that you only have to take the minimum quarters/courses necessary to fulfill the language requirement.

  1. Log on to CCLE and take the appropriate placement exam. The placement exam will provide you with an immediate recommendation.
  2. If you are a Spanish heritage speaker (Spanish was spoken in your home when you were growing up – regardless of your proficiency level), take the placement exam for heritage speakers and enroll in a course for heritage speakers (7A, 7B or 27).
  3. Do not repeat a course that you already took in high school.

Use your first pass to enroll in a language class. Language classes will fill very quickly.  Make sure to use your first pass to enroll in your language class.

 Plan ahead.  Do not wait until your final year to begin your language requirement.

 Consider alternatives.  We offer all of our courses during Summer Session on campus as well as in our Summer Travel Study programs to Mexico, Spain and Brazil.  You may also consider taking an online course through University Extension.  You may also take the Exemption Exam if you wish to attempt to test out of the language requirement.

 Full Classes and Wait Lists

  • If the class you wish to add is full, put your name on the wait list for the class.  You will move up in the order you have added your name to the wait list as students adjust their schedules and seats become available.
  • The only way to enroll in a full class is via the wait list.  We will not assign PTEs for any full class and we will not exceed the enrollment caps.
  • NOTE:  DO NOT PURCHASE the textbook and/or other materials unless you are enrolled in the class (not just wait listed).  The bookstore will not allow you to return these items once you have opened them.