Language Programs

The Department of Spanish & Portuguese is pleased to offer you language courses in Basque, Catalan, Quechua/Kichwa, Portuguese, Spanish for second language learners, and Spanish for heritage speakers. Our classes are designed to develop students’ communicative language skills and cultural competence of the diverse communities where each language is spoken.

CLICK HERE for information on fulfilling the university language requirement in our department.

Please click on any of our language programs below for more information:

Spanish for second language learners
Spanish for heritage language learners

Placement and Exemption Exams

Are you unsure of which level to enroll?
We offer a placement exam that will give you a recommendation to help you determine which level is best suited for you.*

CLICK HERE for more information about completing a Placement Exam and what to expect.

Note that our language courses are self-placed and the placement exam is not required. The exam will only offer you a recommendation. It is up to you, the student, to make a selection.

Would you like to test out of the university foreign language requirement?
We also offer an exemption exam that will evaluate your language proficiency*. In order to pass and test out of the requirement, you must demonstrate proficiency equivalent to three (3) quarters of college-level foreign language.

CLICK HERE for more information about Exemption Exams.

Please read the following information thoroughly before taking any exams. Exams will not be reset and you will be redirected to the policies on this page when answering questions about the exams.

*At this time we only offer exams for Portuguese and Spanish.