We offer beginning, intermediate, and advanced courses in Spanish language and culture. Our approach to language instruction is proficiency-oriented and our method is communicative and task-based. Students have the opportunity to develop communicative competence in all four skill areas (listening, speaking, reading and writing) as well as cultural competence.

Spanish 1-3 are introductory courses in Spanish language and culture.

Spanish 4-5 are intermediate courses in Spanish language and culture.

Spanish 7A is an introductory course in Spanish language and culture for heritage Spanish speakers to further develop communicative abilities. (Please visit Spanish for Heritage Speakers for more information)

Spanish 25 is a course in advanced Spanish composition and conversation for non-heritage speakers.

Spanish 27 is a course in advanced Spanish composition and conversation for heritage speakers. (Please visit Spanish for Heritage Speakers for more information)


Students may self-place (based on previous course work) or take our placement exam for an immediate recommendation.

Self Placement
Student’s may use the following guidelines for self placement:

  • One year of high school Spanish tends to be equivalent to one quarter at UCLA. That means that if you took Spanish 1 in high school, you can start with Spanish 2 at UCLA.
  • If it has been over a year since you last took a Spanish course, you should move down one level. For example, if you took three years in high school, you would start with Spanish 4, but if that was more than a year ago, you should start with Spanish 3.
  • Please note that taking more than three years of Spanish does not automatically satisfy the foreign language exam.


Advanced Placement Credit
Spanish Language Exam: A score of 1 or 2 does NOT give any credit for Spanish.
Score 3 = Credit for Spanish 3
Score 4 = Credit for Spanish 4
Score 5 = Credit for Spanish 5

Example: If you score a 4, you get credit for Spanish 4 which means that you would take Spanish 5. In this scenario, if you enrolled in Spanish 4 or lower, you would NOT get credit because it would be considered an unapproved repeat of Spanish 4.

Spanish Literature Exam: The Spanish literature exam does NOT place you into a Spanish course.

Transfer Credit
If you would like to fulfill your foreign language requirement at a community college you can check the following page: Articulation Agreements If you have questions about the applicability of classes from an institution not on this page, please schedule an appointment with a College Counselor in your respective counseling unit (L&S Counseling, Honors, AAP, or Athletics).

For more information, please contact:
Dr. Juliet Falce-Robinson, Ph.D.
Director of the Language Program
Rolfe Hall 4333