PTE Policy

  • We will NOT assign PTEs for any full class and we will not exceed the enrollment caps. The only way to enroll in a full class is via the wait list.
  • If the class you wish to add is full, put your name on the wait list for the class.  You will move up in the order you have added your name to the wait list as students adjust their schedules and seats become available.
  • Graduating seniors and students who need to complete language classes for majors are not granted any special consideration.
  • NOTE:  DO NOT PURCHASE the textbook and/or other materials unless you are enrolled in the class (not just wait listed).  The bookstore will not allow you to return these items once you have opened them.

For more information, please click here.

  • Place yourself on the full class you wish to add.
  • Contact the instructor directly to inquire about the possibility of being added to the class. If they allow you to add the class, they can provide you with PTE number.
  • It is up to the instructor to over-enroll his or her own class.