John Dagenais

E-mail: Phone: 310-825-9922 Office: Rolfe 5334

Teaching: 2014-2015

Fall Quarter 2014
Research Quarter

Winter Quarter 2015
Spanish 42
Spanish 221: Close Readings: Libro de buen amor and Celestina

Spring Quarter 2015
Spanish 130: El Camino de Santiago
Spanish 262A: Medieval Iberian Lyric Traditions

Summer 2015
“BARCELONA: The Story of a City, Its Art and Cultures,” UCLA Travel Study Program
July 4-July 27, 2015


  • Medieval Iberian Literatures and Cultures (Castilian,Catalan, Galician-Portuguese, Latin, Occitan)
  • Manuscript Culture
  • The Mediterranean
  • Medieval/Postcolonial
  • Medieval Art and Architecture
  • Digital Humanities
  • Pilgrimage and the Camiño de Santiago



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