Spanish Community and Culture

The Spanish Community and Culture Major combines hands-on learning experiences with the study of the language, linguistics, literatures, and cultures of Hispanic-heritage communities in Los Angeles and the United States. In real-world settings, students learn how the Spanish language can be used as a tool to better serve the communities, both local and global, that claim it as their primary means of communication.

Students pursuing the Spanish Community and Culture BA hone their Spanish-language skills, learn to conduct and interpret research, and develop their understanding of diversity and cultural differences. They then get to practically apply their skills through community-based experiential learning courses which directly connect them to specific Hispanic communities.

The Spanish Community and Culture Major is a designated capstone major. In combination with elective courses in Hispanic literatures and cultures, students take part in unique fieldwork and internship opportunities in which they produce reflective journals, projects, or presentations that record and demonstrate their learning. 

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Spanish Community and Culture Major