Placement Exams

Take the placement exam if you wish to enroll in a class but are unsure as to which level is appropriate. A placement recommendation will appear at the end of the exam.  You may take the exam at any time, preferably on campus to avoid computer compatibility issues.  

*Follow the link to the exam page.  You will log on through Bruin Learn.  Once logged on, in order to launch the exam, you must click on the “Join This Course” button.*

  • If you are learning Spanish as a second language, log on to Bruin Learn and take the Spanish Placement Exam. 
  • If you are a heritage speaker of Spanish, log on to Bruin Learn and take the Spanish Placement Exam for Heritage Speakers
  • If you are learning Portuguese as a second language, log on to Bruin Learn and take the Portuguese Placement Exam
  • For Basque, Catalan, Quechua, and Nahuatl, contact the instructor to discuss placement. See the language page for further information.

Spanish for Professional Purposes courses are taught at the intermediate level. You may self-place. More information here.


As of Winter 2024, you will only be allowed to enroll in Spanish 3 if you have met one of the following enforced prerequisites:

Spanish Language and Culture AP Exam – Score of 2 or better


Completion of Spanish 2 with a grade of C or better at UCLA or another college or university (must have transfer credit that appears on your transcript)

If you do not meet one of the above prerequisites the ONLY way to enroll in Spanish 3 is by taking and passing the Spanish 3 placement exam.  A passing score on this exam is 73%.

NOTE:  Results for placement into Spanish 3 from a placement exam prior to October 10, 2023, will not be valid for enrollment in Spanish 3.

If you plan on enrolling in Spanish 3 for Winter quarter, make sure you complete THIS SPANISH 3 PLACEMENT EXAM by October 31st, 2023: