Luz Maria de la Torre

E-mail: Phone: 310-206-8880 Office: Rolfe Hall 5326

Luz Maria De la Torre Amaguana has been appointed as a Lecturer of Department of Spanish and Portuguese and Latin American Institute (UCLA). She is a Kichwa (Quechua) indigenous woman from Ecuador. She received her BA in Languages and Applied Linguistics from the Catholic University of Ecuador (1997). Her thesis was focused on Indigenous Bilingual Education. She earned her Master’s degree in Political Sciences at FLACSO (2006). Her research concentrated on the Indigenous Movement and its relation to the Ecuadorian government, specifically since the 1990’s when the Indigenous National uprising took place. She has taught at the numerous universities in Ecuador and the U.S., including ASU. She worked in the Ministries of Education and Foreign Relations. She has served as a consultant for a wide range of national and international institutions and NGOs. She has lectures frequently in Ecuador and many other countries. Her research, writing and teaching focuses on topics related to the Andean Indigenous cosmovision, gender from the Andean perspective, Andean alternative economies and knowledge, and new political relations between the nation-state and indigenous peoples. Currently her latest book proposal deals with the what it means to be an Indigenous woman today. In addition she is developing a method for teaching the Quechua/Kichwa language.


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  • “¿Qué significa ser mujer indígena en la contemporaneidad?” MESTER # 39. Graduate students’ journal, Department of Spanish and Portuguese, University of California, Los Angeles-UCLA, 2010.
A photo of Luz Maria de la Torre