Majors & Minors

Thanks to its location in Los Angeles, the UCLA Department of Spanish and Portuguese provides a unique perspective on the study of Spanish and Portuguese. As an important center of cultural and business activities with close ties to the Spanish and Portuguese speaking world, this diverse context has served as a basis for structuring the Department’s majors, and it is reflected in our faculty and course offerings. All undergraduate majors offered by the Department of Spanish and Portuguese lead to the B.A. degree.

Please note that two of the majors in the Spanish and Portuguese Department are designated capstone majors: Spanish, and Spanish, Community and Culture. Please visit UCLA’s Registrar’s website for more information on the capstone component of these two majors.



Designed to provide preparation in the language, literature, culture, and linguistics of the Spanish-speaking world. By the end of the program, students will have completed a senior thesis on a topic of their interest.

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Spanish, Community and Culture

Provides preparation in language, linguistics, literature and culture, with a focus on the communities of Hispanic heritage in Los Angeles and in the United States. The program provides opportunities for students to take part in fieldwork which utilizes language skills to be of service to local Spanish-Speaking communities.

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Spanish and Linguistics

This joint major is offered by UCLA’s Department of Spanish and Portuguese and the Department of Linguistics. It is designed to prepare students who wish to focus on the structure of the Spanish language in the context of modern linguistic theory.

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Spanish and Portuguese

Allows students to study the Portuguese and Spanish languages and linguistics as well as the literature and cultures of the Portuguese and Spanish-speaking worlds. Students work to achieve advanced proficiency in both languages.

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Focuses on the language, linguistics, literature and culture of the Portuguese-speaking world.



The following four minors are currently offered:

Spanish: requirement worksheet

Spanish Linguistics: requirement worksheet

Portuguese: requirement worksheet

Mexican Studies: requirement worksheet