Spanish & Portuguese Graduate Student Association

The Spanish & Portuguese Graduate Student Association (SPGSA) acts as a bridge between graduate students, our faculty colleagues, and the wider UCLA community. Members of this annually elected student organization represent Spanish & Portuguese graduate students at faculty meetings, Humanities Council meetings, and with the departmental Graduate Affairs Committee and Lower Division Council. SPGSA organizes 1-2 meetings per quarter to discuss issues relevant to graduate students, to share career planning and academic professionalization information with peers, and to create a social forum to involve new and continuing graduate students in our scholarly community. SPGSA also provides support to other graduate student organizations in the department.

SPGSA Constitution

Board Members 2020-2021

Esther Claudio

Isabel Benvenuti

Adelmar Ramirez

Humanities Council Representative
Gaby Barrios

TA Representative
Julia González Calderón

Motus Sodalis
Paula Thomas

Juliana Espinal

Undergraduate Liaisons
Eduardo Díaz

Angelica Waner