Danielle Goldsmith is currently on leave. For assistance, please direct academic personnel-related inquiries to RCAPO@humnet.ucla.edu.


The Academic Personnel Officer is responsible for all academic and staff payroll and personnel for the Rolfe/Campbell Humanities Group, which oversees the Department of Spanish & Portuguese and Department of Linguistics, and splits time between the two departments. Duties include the following:

  • Manage the academic personnel process for faculty (appointments, merits, promotions, etc. for ladder, adjuncts, lecturers, academic administrator), visiting scholar and postdoctoral scholar appointments, staff appointments, and job searches.
  • Oversee human resources (along with the CAO), including dissemination of employee and benefits information, processing payroll actions in UCPath, providing guidance on utilizing UCPath system to employees, and leave information (FMLA, COVID, etc.).
  • Manage visa-related processes and inquiries, including Glacier.
  • Serve as the primary Departmental Time Administrator along with the Chief Administrative Officer.
  • Supervise the Graduate Student Affairs Officers in both departments on Academic Student Employee and Graduate Student Researcher payroll and personnel policies, procedures, and processing.