Cristina G. Vázquez

A photo of Cristina G. Vázquez
E-mail: Office: Rolfe Hall 4320


  • D. Candidate in Hispanic Cultures and Literatures, University of California, Los Angeles (Fall 2020)
    • Graduate Certificate, Urban Humanities (Spring 2020)
  • A. Spanish and Portuguese, University of California, Davis (2019)
  • A. International Relations, University of California, Davis (2016)
  • A. Spanish, University of California, Davis (2016)


Under the mentorship of Dr. Maite Zubiaurre, I am currently pursuing a doctoral degree in Peninsular and Mexican Literature and Culture through the Spanish & Portuguese Department at UCLA. My research interests include the counternarrative of Sub-Saharan and Haitian immigration and identity discourse through a transatlantic approach from the Lavapiés neighborhood in Madrid, Spain, and the Little Haití neighborhood in Tijuana, México. During my first year at UCLA, I was part of the 2019-2020 Urban Humanities Initiative (UHI) cohort and digital archive where I hold a graduate certificate. Presently, I am starting my third year as an editor of Mester, our academic journal and I am collaborating to the Mujer Migrante Memorial (in progress) digital map and archive.


  • Urban Humanities Initiative’s Digital Humanities Annual Conference. Presented: “Mujer Memorial Memorial” Installation and Performance in “The Wall that Gives/El muro que da” Venice, CA. June 2021
  • Urban Humanities Mellon Research Summer Conference. Presented: “Mapping Lavapiés”. UCLA. July 2020
  • Urban Humanities Initiative and Luskin School of Public Affairs’ End of the Year Conference. Presented: “Reading the Writing on the Wall: A Palimpsestic Reading of Urban Cultural Representation”. UCLA. June 2020
  • School of Architecture and Urban Planning Annual Conference. Presented “A Fractured Core: The Downtown(s) of Los Angeles and the Opportunity for Commoning”. UCLA. December 2019
  • XXVIII Congreso de la Asociación de Estudios de Género y Sexualidades. Presented “Madres, identidades y dicotomías”. University of Illinois at Chicago. September 2018
  • 14th Annual Samuel Armistead Colloquium: Grassroots Approaches to Interdisciplinary Scholarship. Presented “La desmitificación de la maternidad a través de la visión del Club de Malasmadres”. University of California, Davis. October 2018


  • “Mujer Migrante Memorial” (in progress) Story Map and e-Codex Digital Archive in collaboration with Maite Zubiurre/Filomena Cruz, Xiuwen Qi, Miranda Hirujo-Rincón, Eliza Franklin, and Maha Benhachmi. June 2021
  • “Reading the Writing on the Wall: A Palimpsestic Reading of Urban Cultural Representation” e-Codex Digital Archives in collaboration with Clayton McKee and Artin Sahakian. June 2020
  • La casa para un futuro incierto, e-Codex translation and analysis of Tijuana and Los Angeles in collaboration with Clayton Mckee and Artin Sahakian. June 2020