Cristina G. Vázquez

A photo of Cristina G. Vázquez


M.A. Spanish and Portuguese, University of California, Davis (2019)

B.A. Spanish, University of California, Davis (2016)

B.A. International Relations, University of California, Davis (2016)


With a transatlantic approach, I’m interested in how minorities and underrepresented groups are portrayed in contemporary Peninsular literature and cultural productions. In particular, I’m interested in analyzing how literature and film productions represent the social and cultural impact that living in Spain has on the female immigrants and the impact that their presence has in the hegemonic culture.

I’m also interested in exploring how these immigrants reformulate their identity and on the other hand, how Spain, as a host country, deconstructs her national identity. My work would explore themes related to identity, otherness, belonging, integration, and rejection through theoretical frameworks of Gayatri Spivak, Edward Said, and Isabel Santaolalla. Lately, I’ve been working as an editor for Brújula: revista interdisciplinaria sobre estudios latinoamericanos, a UC Davis’ interdisciplinary academic journal and I’m hoping to keep collaborating in extracurricular activities on campus at UCLA.


XXVIII Congreso de la Asociación de Estudios de Género y Sexualidades. Presented “Madres, identidades y dicotomías”. University of Illinois at Chicago. September 2018

14th Annual Samuel Armistead Colloquium: Grassroots Approaches to Interdisciplinary Scholarship. Presented “La desmitificación de la maternidad a través de la visión del Club de Malasmadres”. University of California, Davis. October 2018


“La desmitificación de la maternidad en la España contemporánea” Revista de Estudios de Género y Sexualidades (forthcoming 2019)