Eduardo K. Díaz

A photo of Eduardo K. Díaz
E-mail: Office: Rolfe Hall 4334


M.A. Spanish Literature, University of California, Los Angeles (2019)

B.A. Spanish, University of California, Los Angeles (2016)


I’m interested in XIX and XX century literature, both Spanish and Mexican. I’m specifically interested in folklore and folktales and how they are created and transmitted in rural communities. I especially love horror and macabre folktales. I’m also interested in how sexuality and gender is explored through rural environments in literature. I want to focus my research in rural communities in Jalisco, Mexico, Andalucia, Spain, and possibly the California Central Valley.


“Masculinidad, antisemitismo y nación en María de Jorge Isaacs”. Mester, 47(1), 2018.


“Lorca y la raza maldita”, paper presented at the 2016 UCLA Undergraduate Research Week, May 24th, 2016

Personal Interests

I enjoy gardening and farming, I also have seven dogs, 2 cats, and about 200 goats. I’m personally interested in the preservation of written and oral histories from villages in central Jalisco, Mexico. I also enjoy running.