Erin Mauffray

A photo of Erin Mauffray


  • M.A. Spanish Linguistics, University of Georgia (2015)
  • B.A. International Studies and Spanish, University of Mississippi (2012)


My main research interest is Spanish as a heritage and second language, primarily in the areas of syntax, semantics, and pragmatics. In particular, I’m interested in investigating the converging and diverging developmental patterns that these populations exhibit in comparison with non-heritage native speakers with the aim of establishing what the sources of these different patterns are – be it transfer, attrition, or other (non-)linguistic phenomena.

Lately, I’ve been working on a project that explores how the syntactico-semantic properties of verb class and adverbial position affect word order preferences of Spanish speakers. Preliminary results suggest that non-heritage native, heritage, and second language Spanish speakers are sensitive to both verb class and, more decisively so, adverbial position in their word order preferences for pre-verbal versus post-verbal subjects.

Publications and Presentations

  • Service Year Alliance Action Summit, “Let Us Serve – AmeriCorps,” Erin Mauffray, Washington, D.C., May 2018
  • KFLC: The Languages, Literatures, and Cultures Conference, “The Acquisition of Discourse Markers in Spanish L2 Learners’ Oral Narratives: So and its Possible Equivalents,” Erin Mauffray, Lexington, KY, April 2015
  • Croft Institute for International Studies, “Disaster Community: La Cultura Sísmica of Chile,” Erin Mauffray, University, MS, April 2012