Ernesto Arciniega

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E-mail: Office: Rolfe 4318

My primary research interests are Transatlantic Studies (20th and 21st century Spanish Peninsular and Mexican literature, cinema and politics). I am interested in the representations of the Spanish Civil War and the exile in contemporary literature and film. I am also very interested in queer studies, specifically how sexual diversity is represented in film, TV and Web series. Among my other interests are journalism, travel narratives and the digital humanities.


B.A. Spanish & Latin American Literatures, (Highest Honors, Departmental Citation), UC Berkeley, Summa cum laude (2016)

Publications & Presentations

“Demonizing the Mexican in the United States: Desenmascarando la leyenda anglo-tejana”. 14th Annual UCLA S&P Graduate Student Conference. Los Angeles, California. April 14, 2017.