Isaac Gimenez

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E-mail: Office: Rolfe Hall 4320


  • M.A.Portuguese, UCLA (2017)
  • B.A. Major in English Translation and Interpreting, University of Granada (2010)


I’m interested in Brazilian contemporary poetry, in particular I am looking at the connection between modernism, marginal poetry from the 1970s, literature from the peripheries, and the poetic production of digital native authors. My goal is to examine the potentiality of marginal poetry as a radical practice of sociopolitical empathy.

Some of the questions I am engaging with are: How does poetry resist? What do we consider marginal when operating in a poetic realm? How can we think of poe(li)tic(al) activism from a transnational and intergenerational point of view? How are the marginal ethos and praxis appropriated and revisited in today’s poetic production?

Lately, I’ve been working on expanding the concepts of occupation and non-expert sensitivity as frameworks to understand a genealogy of marginal poetry.


“Rimas e não soluções: Toda entrevista é breve com a poeta Sônia Marques” in Mester, vol. 47, issue 1. Department of Spanish and Portuguese at University of California Los Angeles  2018/2019, 141-150.

“Morbidez e indigenismo: La expedición de Antônio Callado al corazón de Brasil” in Tropos Journal issue 40. Department of Romance and Classical Studies at Michigan State University   2017, 130-157.

Peer-reviewed Journals – Board of editors

Mester. Academic Journal published by graduate students at the Department of Spanish and Portuguese at UCLA.

Vol. 48. Rhetorical practices of walls and divisions. 2019-2020.Vol.

47. Gender and Sexuality. 2018-2019.


No es nación para mulatos: Tragedias amorosas interraciales en narrativas abolicionistas latinoamericanas”. 3rd Chicago Graduate Conference in Hispanic and Luso-Brazilian Studies, April 2018.

“A censura de todos: Cinema marginal, moral e sexo nos anos de chumbo”. American Portuguese Studies Association 11th International Conference, October 2018

Enfermedad e Indigenismo: Ignorancia asimétrica en Quarup y A Expedição Montaigne”. Graduate Student Association Conference, Lansing, Michigan State University, October 2016

Conferences and Conferences Panels Organized

Organizing committee of the 13th UCLA Spanish & Portuguese Graduate Student Conference: Weapons of Social Justice: reinvention through Language, Literature and Culture.  May, 2016.

Organizing committee of the 16th UCLA Spanish & Portuguese Graduate Student Conference: Taking It to the Street: Politics, Aesthetics and Representations of the Street.  April, 2019.