Leandro Arsenio Hernandez

A photo of Leandro Arsenio Hernandez
E-mail: leohernandez@g.ucla.edu Office: Rolfe 4318

Office Hours: Fridays 2 to 3 PM


M.A. Spanish Linguistics and Literatures, Ohio University (2019)

B.A. Profesorado de Letras, Universidad Nacional del Litoral – Argentina (2015)


I’m interested in 20th-century and contemporary Latin American literature. In particular, I’m interested in analyzing how Argentinian authors go beyond semantic categorizations and binary constructs of good/evil, civilized/barbaric or homosexual/heterosexual because they are no longer fulfilling. Lately, I’ve been working on Juan José Saer’s literary and non-fictional works. I explore the identity of Saer’s male characters, who, at first glance, appear to embody an unquestioned hegemonic masculinity. However, the men in Saer’s fiction thrive on their interactions with other men and I argue that it is homosocial desire the reason for the continuity of their existence.


“Los hombres que se necesitan.” Annual  Hispanic and Lusophone Studies Symposium, Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio, March, 2018.

“Juan José Saer lee a Cervantes.” Kentucky Foreign Language Conference, University of Kentucky, Lexington, Kentucky, April, 2018.

“Los problemas del indigenismo y la virtud de Saer.” (des)articulaciones: (De)conceptualizations Beyond Identity, Coloniality and the Subaltern Conference, University of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, October, 2017.