• PhD Hispanic Languages and Literatures, UCLA (expected 2025)
  • MA Spanish Linguistics and Literatures, Ohio University (2019)
  • BA Profesorado de Letras, Universidad Nacional del Litoral – Argentina (2015)


I am interested in Hispanic literature and cultures, focusing on 20th-century and contemporary literature. Lately, I have been working on the representation of chronic diseases, specifically the AIDS/HIV pandemic and its impact on cultural production. My research explores how bodies are represented in Argentine literature during and after the AIDS pandemic.


2022 – “Introduction to Bodies in Culture”. In Mester, no. 51, 2022.

2019 – “Una lectura lacaniana de Las nubes.” Revista Präuse, no. 4, 2019.

2019 – “How to Take Advantage of Being a Student and an Instructor at the Same Time”. In College of Arts & Sciences Forum, Ohio University.


My dissertation covers mostly queer Argentine literature written after the 1976-1983 dictatorship. I am interested in how the AIDS pandemic and its repercussions change the way the ill body is narrated, now following first-person accounts. Many cultural works around disease shift their focus and point of view on narrating the body’s experience during global-scale challenging times. Letters, diaries, chronicles, and experimental novels propose innovative ways to understand and connect writing with chronic illnesses while scaping prescriptive paradigms and stigma that populated the cultural field from the 80s until the present.


Teaching Fellow at UCLA

  • Spanish 1 through 5
  • Spanish 44: Latin American Cultures
  • Spanish 42: Iberian Cultures
  • Cluster 48: Political Violence in the Modern World

Publications and Presentations

  • “Los hombres que se necesitan. Homoerotismo y homosocialidad en Juan José Saer”. Annual Hispanic and Lusophone Studies Symposium, Ohio State University, 2018.
  • “Juan José Saer lee a Cervantes.” Kentucky Foreign Language Conference, University of Kentucky, 2018.
  • “Los problemas del indigenismo y la virtud de Juan José Saer.” (des)articulaciones: (De)conceptualizations Beyond Identity, Coloniality and the Subaltern Conference, University of Pittsburgh, 2017.