• C. Phil. (ABD) Spanish Linguistics, University of California – Los Angeles (2022)
  • M.A. Spanish Linguistics, University of California – Los Angeles (2021)
  • B.A. Hispanic Languages and Bilingual Issues, University of California – Berkeley (2019)
  • B.A. Molecular and Cellular Biology, University of California – Berkeley (2019)


I am interested in the interdisciplinary intersection between Spanish linguistics and developmental disorders. My dissertation research relates to Spanish second language (L2) acquisition by children with autism. More specifically, I utilize the Autism Quotient (AQ) test and compare AQ scores to phonetic imitation ability, measured by voice onset time (VOT) when imitating a novel L2.


Using Autism Quotient Scores to Predict Second Language Phonetic Trait Imitation Ability

Presented at the following international conferences:

  • 2023 Meeting on Language in Autism hosted by Duke University in the US
  • 2022 New Sounds Conference – 10th International Symposium on the Acquisition of Second Language Speech hosted by University of Barcelona in Spain