Ph.D. Student Michelle Medrado Recently Published in Revista TransVersos

Published: May 9, 2019

Michelle Medrado, a Luso-Brazilian Literature and Studies Ph.D. student in the UCLA Spanish and Portuguese Department, recently had her article “Fluxo de Pesquisa: A tríade material figurino televisivo, vestuário-estilo e moda como objeto de estudo em Luanda” published in Revista TransVersos. This article is an ethnographic testimony based on Medrado’s fieldwork conducted in August 2018 in Luanda, Angola. During her process of trying to “understand the trajectory of the telenovela costume as a thing born in the fictional narrative that has circulated and created commercial and cultural exchanges,” Medrado learned more about her research thematic flow and how a research topic can lead a researcher on different paths.

You can read the full article online or download it as a pdf on the Revista TransVersos website.